• Zoom client update by 11/5/2022

    Download the most up-to-date Zoom client here: https://zoom.us/download   Dear Valued Customer, We are reaching out with a reminder that Zoom will be implementing its new Software Lifecycle Policy on November 5, 2022 (Pacific Standard Time) for all products and services, starting with the minimum versions referenced in the table…

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) @ CIIS

    See steps below to set-up MFA to access your university email account and university systems. Setting-up MFA requires logging-in to your university email account. If you do not know your university email address password, see the steps to recover your account here Office of the Dean of Information Technology · Provost Division · dot@ciis.edu

  • University Online Resources

    Office of the Dean of Information Technology • Provost Division • dot@ciis.edu Download University Online Resources PDF flyer CIIS Connect SharePointhttps://ciisedu.sharepoint.com/sites/CIIS Academic Programs Student Affairs Office of Student Accessibility Services International Students Office Wellness Center Student Union Student Accounts (Information) Research and Writing Center for Writing and Scholarship Human Research…

  • Adopting textbooks at CIIS

    Adopting textbooks, including informing students that no text is required, is important so students can be made aware of course preparation materials. To adopt text, log-in to the University’s online bookstore with your @ciis.edu email address and email password: https://ciis.textbookx.com/ Once logged-in, select a course and follow the steps below…

  • CPTR CIIS systems access information

    CIIS utilizes Microsoft Azure single-sign-on for systems access.  You will be issued a university email address (@mymail.ciis.edu) as a log-in credential for this purpose . Setting-up your university email. Navigate to https://outlook.office.com/ (opens in new tab) Enter your email address and temporary password and create and confirm a new password….