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Upload media to a Discussion post in Canvas

Supported formats include MP4, MPG, MOV, MPEG, MP3, WAV, WMV, etc. For additional formats, please see the Canvas Community article here.
The maximum size for each file uploaded to Canvas is 500 MB. You can upload as many files as you wish, as long as each is under 500 MB. (If your file is larger, please upload it to Online Learning here in advance of the due date. Then email Teams@ciis.edu to tell us where to post it).

The following article explains how a student can upload media to Canvas that has already been recorded and saved to your device.

If you wish to use Canvas to record as well as upload, please see the Canvas Community article called How do I record media using the Rich Content Editor as a student?


If you are adding media to a Discussion post, go to the Discussion forum in Canvas and click Reply.

  1. From the Rich Content Editor, click on the Record/Upload Media button itself (not the arrow next to it):Rectangle containing a triangle alongside a music note.It is generally near the middle of the second row of the menubar. If you do not see it immediately, first expand the menubar by selecting the More button which looks like 3 stacked dots:The Rich Content Editor menubar. An icon is highlighted that looks like a rectangle containing a triangle and a music note. At the far right of the menubar an icon is highlighted of 3 stacked dots.
  2. Drag the video file into the area that says Drag a file here.
    1. Click the Submit button at the bottom right. 
    2. You will see a spinning circle indicating the video is uploading to the Canvas item. Larger files will take longer to upload. This requires a steady internet connection:Grey rectangle with circle that is part blue and part white.
    1. When the circle stops spinning, press the Post reply button at the bottom right of the Canvas Discussion post.
    2. You will see a preview of the video on the saved page.
Updated on May 7, 2021

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