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Getting started with Acclaim – for instructors

Step 1: Activate your Acclaim license in your Canvas course.

To activate your license, click the Upload your video link in the course navigation menu in Canvas. 

Upload your video link in course navigation menu

This will open the Acclaim interface in either a new browser tab or window.  After you click Upload your video for the first time, instruct your students to do the same in their Canvas course so they can activate their student license. Note: You will only be able to add students to private folders once they have activated their license.

Step 2: Add Students and/or Groups folders. 

There are two types of folders –public and private folders.  Public folders appear first in the top portion of the interface, while private folders appear towards the bottom.  The contents in public folders can be viewed and interacted with by anyone in the course.  The contents in private folders can only be viewed and interacted with by you and the student(s) assigned to the folder.

To add a new folder, click the + New Folder icon in the upper right corner.

New folder button in acclaim interface

You will add the title of the folder and use the toggle to determine if it will be a public or private folder.  Click the Create Folder button in the bottom right of the pop-up screen to save the folder.

toggle button for private folders

Step 3: Add students to folders. 

Once your students have activated their licenses, you may add them to private folders.  Public folders are accessible to everyone, so there is no option to add students to those folders.  You may choose to name the public folders based on the student(s) whose work should be uploaded to that folder. 

To add a student to a private folder, click on the person icon for that folder.

User icon to change folder settings

Next, use the toggle switch to allow access to the appropriate student(s). Be sure to click the Save & Close button to save your changes.

User toggle to allow access for specific student

Once you are finished setting up your course’s folders, you are ready to begin using Acclaim.

Watch a video walkthrough

insert vid here

Updated on November 23, 2021

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