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Self-Service: Submitting Final Grades

Tip #1: Only use one tab or browser to enter Final Grades

Do not open multiple tabs or multiple browsers with Self-Service open. This can cause only some of the grades to post if you enter grades in different locations.

Tip #2: Grades you can edit are not posted

After you input a grade for your students, you need to post grades to make them final. If you are able to edit the grade you entered for a student, you have not successfully posted Final Grades. Below are examples of final grades that are posted correctly and incorrectly for reference.

Final Grades Posted Correctly

Final Grades Not Posted Correctly

Review CIIS grade scheme here.

Steps to submitting final grades in Self-Service

1. Sign-in to Self-Service with your university email address and email password (https://ciis-ss.colleague.elluciancloud.com/Student)
2. Select the faculty button

3. Your course schedule by term will be listed, select the Section Name and Title
4. Select Grading and then Final Grade
5. Select drop-down to select final grade by student (leave Never Attended and Last Date of Attendance blank).

Registrar note:

If students were able to take your course for either a letter grade or a pass/no pass grade, only letter grades will be available for you to input. If the student had chosen pass/no pass, the letter grade will be automatically converted to either P or NP. Graduate students who earned a B or above get a P; undergraduates, a C or above.

If the student had registered in audit status, enter the grade based on the work they had done. This could include an F. The system will automatically convert this to an AU. 

In both cases, the letter grade you submit is not viewable by the student in Self-Service or on their transcripts.

6. Select Back to Courses to submit grades for other courses
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