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DETAIL / POSITIVE Self-Service hourly timesheet information

This information is not intended for Adjunct Instructors, Hourly Non-Exempt Staff with a regular work schedule or assigned FTE, Student Workers, Federal Work Study students, or International Student Workers.

Adjunct Instructors see SUMMARY / EXCEPTION timesheet guide
Non-Exempt Staff (reg. work schedule or FTE) see DETAIL / EXCEPTION timesheet guide
Student Workers see Clock-in, Clock-out / POSITIVE timesheet guide

For HR support, email support@ciishelp.zendesk.com

This guide is applicable to: hourly direct-hire temps and hourly employees with no fixed FTE or no fixed weekly work schedule.

What is DETAIL pay?: DETAIL pay is when an employee enters details of their work time (start and end times) but not by clocking-in / clocking-out.

What is POSITIVE pay?: POSITIVE pay records the time entered and that entered time is used to calculate pay.  It is very important for DETAIL / POSITIVE pay employees to accurately record their work time in the pay period when the work is done in order to avoid a delay in pay.

Where is my timesheet?: timesheets are located on the Self-Service website by selecting the Employee button and then Time Entry button after logging-in (CIIS Self-Service website).

Select the Employee button after logging-in to Self-Service

Employee button

After the Employee button, select the Time Entry button to record your time

Time-Entry button

Follow the steps below on how to enter DETAIL time and how to submit your timesheet

DETAIL Pay Time Entry
Updated on April 16, 2023

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