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Getting started

Getting started

Log in to Canvas, post your syllabus & publish your course.

Post your Syllabus on Canvas (with In-line preview)

Instructions for how to upload your Syllabus document into Canvas.

Log-in to CIIS Canvas

Link to Canvas Log-in Page and referral to reset password page. Note: All CIIS Canvas users will access Canvas with their university email address and email password.

Enable screenshare for Mac computers

The video below is intended for Mac computer users with an operating system of version 10.15 (Catalina) or higher.  ...

FERPA Student Privacy Guidelines

What is FERPA? What cannot be shared under FERPA? Education records:• FERPA defines this term broadly to mean records containing...

What to expect when you’re expecting

(to virtualize a course) What can I do in advance?  Students Enter using a recognizable name, e.g. the one used...

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