Online Courses

  • This is a course that will meet entirely in the Canvas space.
  • There will be no course webinars automatically scheduled by the Online Learning department.
  • Students will have set milestones and deadlines per your syllabus, but will complete the course work asynchronously.  Course meetings are not required but you can add optional webinars at your discretion. If you’d like us to send webinar links for you, please email the dates, times, and duration; please copy your PCPM. To prepare for a virtualized meeting, please see the section called How can I prepare for my virtualized course?
  • If you need assistance developing your Canvas course space, please email

Virtualized Courses

  • Your course is listed as having virtualized meetings.  This is a course that has live meetings via Zoom and an attendance requirement.
  • Teachers and students of courses with virtualized meetings will receive a webinar link via email to your CIIS account approximately 15 minutes before each class meeting. Your Liaison will join you at the beginning of the webinar to help with any troubleshooting. They will leave Online Learning’s chat support address ( for you before exiting.
  • No action is required on your part to receive a webinar link.  It will be auto-scheduled by the Online Learning department for all virtualized meetings listed by the Registrar’s office. Please contact Online Learning ( if you do NOT wish to receive links for your class.
  • If you believe that your course is not virtualized (either because it is strictly an online course, it is meeting solely in person, or for some other reason), please notify your PCPM and let us know immediately.
  • Recording of virtualized courses is not permitted, due to FERPA, HIPAA, and other regulations.  It is possible to record a lecture-only portion of a virtual course meeting (parts of the meeting that do not include any student identity information – name, voice, video, etc.). This requires muting and turning off video for all students and starting and stopping recording during the lecture. 

How can I prepare for my virtualized course?

  • Please make sure you can access your CIIS email account directly. Do not have emails forwarded to a personal account (email forwarding has been disabled and you will not receive your link). 
  • Please see our What to Expect support article for instructions on stopping email forwarding, as well as other technical guidance and tests you can perform.
  • Please check your CIIS email account ~15 minutes before each class meeting for the webinar link.

How can I change my schedule?

Please ensure your syllabus matches the schedule in Self-Service. The Online Learning department will pull the schedule from Self-Service two weeks before the start of the semester to send webinar links for relevant courses.

If you must change meeting details (e.g. date/time, modality, etc.) please advise your PCPM to update Self-Service as soon as possible. Please send an email to if the changes are for course meeting that occur within the next week.