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Upload a profile picture

The instructions below explain how to add a profile photo to Canvas, and to delete a profile picture.

Files can be any type (.jpg, .png, .gif) or size as long as you have room in your My Files folder to store it. Canvas recommends that your file size be as small as possible.

Add a profile picture

In the gray global navigation menu, click on Account > Profile > Edit profile:Account button in global navigation menu and the link to edit profile settings, reading, Profile

Then click on your profile image:sample profile image

A new window will open.

To upload a new picture

  1. Click the Upload a picture tab:upload a picture tab
  2. Drag a picture from your desktop and drop it into the uploader.

    Alternatively, you can click the Choose a picture link > browse your computer for a picture > select it > click Open.

  3. (optional) You can crop the image.

    Use the mouse to drag a rectangular handle or use the arrow keys to move the selection and shift+arrow keys to resize the selection:The rectangular handle used to resize a profile image selection

  4. Click Save.

To take a picture

Click the Take a picture tab > your image will appear > click Take picture > Save:The Take a Picture tab is highlighted, below is the take a picture button, and the save button is to the bottom right

To use Gravatar

If you have a Gravatar account, you can use it to add an avatar.

Select the From Gravatar tab > enter your Gravatar email address > click Preview > click Save:The, From Gravatar, tab is highlighted, below is preview button, and the Save button at the bottom-right

Your selected profile picture will appear instead of the placeholder profile image.

Delete a profile picture

Profile pictures are saved in your personal files. You can delete old profile pictures to save storage space. The My Files folder has a storage limit of ~52 MB.

To delete a file, go to Account in the gray global navigation menu > Files:The account button in the gobal navigation menu, and the link to Files

Select the profile pictures folder:the profile pictures folder

Next to the file you want to delete, select the Options icon > Delete:The button with the three dots to the right of the image file.  The option, Delete, is selected in the drop-down menu coming from the button.

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