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Importing items from a Canvas course

  1. Log in to the course you wish to copy into
  2. Click Settings in the course navigation menu
  3. In the menus along the far right, select Import Course Content
  4. For Content Type, choose Copy a Canvas Course
  5. Search for your course by typing the name of the course you wish to copy from
  6. In the popup, select the course you want to copyIn the Import Content window, a course name was entered into the second area called "Search for a course." There is an Import button at the bottom right.
  7. Choose either Select specific content or All Content; click Import
    • If you’re choosing specific items:
      • On the next screen, click Select Content
      • Twirl down the arrow(s) to checkmark a specific folder or files
      • Click Select Content
  8. You’ll see the content importing (wait for it to change from “Running” to “Completed”)
  9. The items will automatically publish in the new course. If you wish, you can unpublish them by pressing the green checkmark circle icon A circle with a checkmark in the center
Updated on March 3, 2021

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