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Create a Module and Add Items

Modules can be used as a sort of table of contents to ease navigation for your students. You can organize material into categories by week, topic, etc.

After you have created your Modules, you can choose to set it as your Canvas Home tab. For instructions, please see this article called Set Course Home.

Create a Module

  1. Go to the Modules tabThe Modules link in the course navigation menu
  2. In the upper right corner, click +ModuleThe add module button near the top right of the Modules tab.
  3. Add the Module Name (e.g. Week 1 – September 1) and Click +Add ModuleThe Add Module pup-up window with the Module Name entry field, and the Add Module button highlighted
  4. You’ve created your Module (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page).A newly created module

Create an item within a module

  1. Click the add item button within the moduleThe add item button in a module
  2. Click the Add dropdown menu and select one of the following item types:
    • Assignment
    • Quiz
    • File
    • Page
    • Discussion

    The add dropdown menu in the Add Item pop-up window

    1. If you’re adding a new item, click the [New] link, type a name in the name field that will open, and click Add Item.The option, New Assignment, in the add item list, the field for entering the assignment name, and the Add Item button.

      Depending on the item type, when adding new content you may be asked to complete additional fields.

    2. If you’ve already created the item you want to add (you may have already created it in the Assignments or Discussions tab), then click the name of the item to display it within Modules.

      Then click Add Item.An existing assignment is selected in the add item list, and the Add Item button is at the bottom right

  3. You have now created the shell of the item. It will appear within the module.The new assignment as it appears in the module
  4. To create the item’s content, click on the title. You will see a preview of the item.

    Click Edit in the upper right.Edit button

  5. Enter the content into the Editor box (prompt question, description of the assignment, etc.).
  6. Complete the fields below the Editor box, which depend on the item type.

    (Please contact onlinelearningsupport@ciis.edu if you have questions about any of these fields.)

    Tip: For Assignments, the most common fields that must be completed are:

    • Points
    • Submission Type
    • Due
  7. Click Save in the bottom right corner.Save button
  8. You will see a preview of your new itemNew item preview
  9. Return to the Modules tab to continue building the next module or item.

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