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Access a Group Discussion as a student

Only students who have been placed into groups by an instructor will have access to the Groups button.

  1. In Canvas, click Groups in the gray global navigation menu, then click All Groups:

Groups button in the global navigation menu with a link called All Groups in the sub-menu.

  1. A new page will open. In the Current Groups section, click on the Group you wish to access:

A list called Current Groups with links to Group 1 and Group A

  1. This will open a mini-space within Canvas for that group. If you wish to post a Discussion, click on Discussions. Then click on the title of the Discussion forum you’d like to access:Discussions tab in the course navigation module along the left with a link to a Discussion in the center of the page.
  2. Submit your post.
  3. If you have several Groups and want to post in a different one, repeat steps 1-4.
  4. To return to the main course, click Courses in the gray global navigation menu > click All Courses > select the course.

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