Online Courses

  • This is a course that will meet entirely in the Canvas space.
  • There will be no course webinars automatically scheduled by the Online Learning department.
  • Students will have set milestones and deadlines per your syllabus, but will complete the course work asynchronously.  Course meetings are not required but you can add optional webinars at your discretion. If you’d like us to send webinar links for you, please email the dates, times, and duration; please copy your PCPM. To prepare for a virtualized meeting, please see the section called How can I prepare for my virtualized course?
  • If you need assistance developing your Canvas course space, please email

Rubrics Workshop with Dr. Anne Huffman

Topics covered include:

  • Matching the assessment to the assignment
  • Using VALUES rubrics or creating your own
  • How to partner with the students to build the skills needed for the assignment
  • Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in rubric building