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Virtual Walkthrough & Quick Start Guide

Troubleshooting Tips

1)     Do not plug in the HDMI cable before starting the meeting. First, start the meeting on the Zoom Room controller. Once in your meeting, you may plug in your laptop using the HDMI cable.
If you have already plugged the HDMI cable into your laptop before starting the meeting, please end the meeting. Then start the meeting using the Zoom Room controller first.
2)     If the Zoom Room is not automatically Host, please chat www.VCLhub.com and request to be made Host.

The Virtual Walkthrough guide contains multiple videos and slides.

To advance to the next screen, select the arrow icon:
Bracket pointing to the right.
To jump to a specific section, select the menu icon: 3 horizontal linesThen choose a chapter, or type a term into the search field and select a returned result.

Select here to open the Virtual Walkthrough guide in a new tab.

The guide includes:

  • Video walkthrough of starting a Zoom Room meeting
  • More options: Switching cameras, screensharing, creating Breakout Rooms
  • Watch how to use the Zoom Room app
  • Try the Zoom Room app yourself (a simulation that allows you to practice starting a Zoom Room meeting before your first day)
  • 360-degree view of a Zoom Room
  • Teaching Tips: Tips for Day 1, Similarities & Differences between Virtualized and Zoom Room courses


Zoom Room quick start guide

The guide below will be posted in each Zoom Room.

Additional Zoom Room support articles

For an overview of the procedure for Zoom Room courses, how to prepare for them as an instructor, and deadlines for Canvas, please see our Zoom Room Courses article.

Breakout Rooms
For a list of Breakout Rooms on campus, please see our Breakout Room spaces article.

Updated on January 2, 2023

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