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What is TurnItIn Draft Coach and how is it used?

This video provides students with an overview of Turnitin’s Microsoft Add-on, Draft Coach. Students will discover how Draft Coach can support their learning, strategies for using Draft Coach while writing, and how Draft Coach and Turnitin solutions can work together. 

How to access TurnItIn Draft Coach

To access TurnItIn Draft Coach, draft your document in Microsoft Word Online (word.office.com), ensuring that you are logged into your Microsoft account using your CIIS login credentials.

Click the TurnItIn menu option, then select Draft Coach. You will see the panel for checking Similarity, Citation, and Grammar on the right side of the screen. Run each report as needed.

Screenshot of blank Word document with TurnItIn menu option and Draft Coach button highlighted

Please note: the Similarity Check can only be used three times per document. If you need more attempts, you will need to copy/paste the text into a new document.

Updated on September 14, 2023

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