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Invite a Guest to a Zoom Room

These instructions are how to invite a guest to a Zoom Room for in-person meetings once a meeting is already properly set up. For instructions on how to start a Zoom meeting from a Zoom Room, please see our Zoom Rooms Virtual Walkthrough and Quickstart Guide.

  1. Select the Invite button on the Zoom Controller.
  2. There are two ways to invite guests. You can invite them by searching for their name or by adding their email address. To add the guest by searching for their name, begin typing in the provided space. Click the circle icon next to the guest’s name to add them to the invite list. NOTE: The guest must have a CIIS email address to add them this way.
  1. After your list of names is complete, select Invite.
  2. To invite guests by email, select the Email tab. Enter the email address of the guest you wish to invite.
  3. After your email list is complete, select Send.

For any issues, please send us a chat message by visiting www.VCLhub.com.

Updated on August 25, 2023

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