• Create an Assignment that is due before the term begins

    If needed, you can create an Assignment in Canvas that is due before the official start of the term. Simply leave the Due, Available from, and Until fields blank. While you are in edit mode for the Assignment, scroll to the bottom, to the section called Assign.  Leave all of…

  • Prepare your syllabus for Canvas

    The Prepare your syllabus for Canvas training contains multiple videos and slides. To advance to the next screen, select the arrow icon: To jump to a specific section, select the menu icon: Then choose a chapter, or type a term into the search field and select a returned result. Select…

  • What is Acclaim?

    The video below demonstrates Acclaim, a video platform that integrates with Canvas (getacclaim.com). Acclaim allows students to easily receive timestamped feedback on their video submissions. By pinpointing important moments within a video, instructors can provide precise and tailored critiques. Since classes were first virtualized in March 2020, instructors have effectively…

  • Add HTML to Canvas

    The video below demonstrates how to add HTML to a Canvas item. In this example, we will add HTML code to a Canvas Page so the class can view a recording. Click here to open the video in a new tab.

  • Recent faculty trainings

    Please find recordings of recent faculty trainings below: Canvas Overview Grading Overview Rubrics Turnitin Flipped Learning OneDrive

  • Zoom Rooms

    Virtual Walkthrough & Quick Start Guide Select here to open the Virtual Walkthrough guide in a new tab. The guide includes: Video walkthrough of starting a Zoom Room meeting More options: Switching cameras, screensharing, creating Breakout Rooms Watch how to use the Zoom Room app Try the Zoom Room app…

  • Breakout Room spaces

    6th Floor Zen Deck Elevator Lobby 5th Floor Area 5 Student Break Room Room 550 4th Floor Community Lounge 3rd Floor Cafe Student Quiet Space Room 306 Room 308 2nd Floor Tech Center Field Placement Office Room 210

  • Record in the studio

    Schedule the appointment Use the link below to schedule your appointment: https://calendly.com/ciisonlinelearning/appointment-w-online-learning

  • Clear your cache in the Chrome browser

    The video below demonstrates how to clear your browser cache in Chrome. This may be necessary for users who initially accessed a longer URL to log in to Canvas (with text after “.com/” in the Canvas address ciis.instructure.com). Please note that you can clear your browser cache without losing bookmarks,…

  • Microsoft (Office) 365 Basics

    The video below demonstrates how to: Log in to office.com. Add a profile image to your Microsoft 365 account (formerly called “Office 365”). Select the Install Office button. Pin Canvas to your Microsoft App Launcher. Click here to open the video in a new tab.